Success Stories


Empowering Women through MHM: Sunita's Story of Change

At NAF, we believe that empowering women with knowledge and access to resources is essential for their overall well-being. One of the areas where we have seen a significant impact is in menstrual hygiene management (MHM).

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Empowering Women through Vocational Training

Meet Pooja, a 25-year-old woman from a small village in Bihar. Pooja had always wanted to contribute to her family's income but, due to limited opportunities, she was forced to stay at home and take care of household chores.

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A community-driven initiative: The story of Sai Ki Rasoi

At NAF, we firmly believe in community-driven initiatives that empower people to take charge of their own lives. One such initiative that we are proud to be a part of is Sai Ki Rasoi, a community kitchen that serves nutritious meals.

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