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Educating girls and women on Health and Hygiene

Nav Astitav Foundation is a non-profit organization working in Patna, Bihar since 5 years. It is focusing on alleviating poverty and women and girl child cleanliness. Foundation was establishes by two cooperative lady Amrita Singh and Pallavi Sinha in March 2012.

NAF is working especially in the field of women's and adolescent's menstrual health and hygiene in Bihar. This is a Bihar-based organization working in all 38 districts of Bihar.

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Vision and mission

Nav Astitva Foundation was started with a clear vision and mission to provide better education, health, empowerment, and nutritious food for underprivileged people, especially women and girls

How it Started

In 2012, 2 Ladies, stepped into the world of social service and started awaring the slum dwellers with a basic literacy programme, simple calculations of money and wages per day, Health & Hygiene awareness related to their urinals, bathing habits, cleaning surrounding to be safe & protected

Organized Regular Health Clinics weekly for women and children to keep them healthy. Spreading quality time with these slum women brought us closer to a few true hidden facts and that was the plight of slum women during periods. A pandora box generating innumerable diseases. A bad foul stink could be noticed from them thatwas due to not taking bath during periods, reusing dirty clothes during menstruation and so many wrong practices. We came across bigger challenges when we tried to talk to the women about theirmenstrual life. The elder women started scolding us, misbehaved even alligated us for misguiding their daughter.

The journey of challenges began, when we stepped out of our home and entered theirs. 2012 completely differed from as no PADMAN was there to broaden the mindset of people. The 2 Ladies with the aim of "Swachh Betiyan Swachh Samaj" went on alone with firm determination despite all mockeries, fun, scoldings & challenges. Organized Health Checkups, by Gynocologist for the needy & unprivileged women weekly. Provided them free medical treatment along with recommended medicines.

Our 4A Approach

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This is the most ignored topic because no one wants to talk about this. But it is important to create awareness among women and girls so that they can get right information

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It is trying to provide sanitary pads at minimum cost by opening sanitary banks. It also promotes to open vending machines

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We connect women with doctors by fixing an appointment with them. This helps them to discuss their health issues.

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We promote AYUSH i.e. advocacy of homeopathy. AYUSH helps provide a complete cure of disease which is very effective in menstrual-related problems.

Our journey at a glance

  • Generating employment through the production and selling of Acchar, Bari, Papad
  • Took a big initiative of making cotton cloth pads to provide clean and menstrual absorbent for those underprivileged girls and women who can't afford costly sanitary pads.
  • Opening of sanitary pad banks in different panchayats to provide sanitary pads and panties to rural women easily and at affordable price
  • Opening of sanitary pad banks/installation of sanitary vending machines at various schools in rural areas of Bihar to provide sanitary pads to adolescents in emergency situations of period
  • MH day celebration was organized first time in rural areas of Bihar and celebrated Mahawari Utsav rural communities in Riga block of Sitamadhi district and Kasba block of Purnia district
  • Continued several previous year programmes
  • In partnership with UNICEF and various key line departments (Jeevika, Health, Education, Social, and ICDS) initiated Master Training Programme under "Strengthening rural women?" 34,2021,10,Launched MHM action plan in two districts Purnia and Sitamarh 35,2021,10,Creating MHM awareness among the adolescent girls belonging to rural communities 36,2022,11,Creating master trainers in various departments to percolate MHM agenda in the community (Creating awareness and the right info to males and adolescents) 37,2022,11,Started a free sewing center to empower women and girls through stitching skills
  • Continued some previous year programmes
  • Free ration distribution in collaboration with Dainik Bhaskar (25 thousand households)
  • Availability of packed cooked food to migrants during COVID
  • Distribution of Sanitary pads to all the Girls and Women during COVID lockdown
  • Opened mobile sanitary pad banks to provide sanitary pads at doorsteps, to generate employment for women who were suffering from the impact of the COVID situation
  • Launched She care health card for underprivileged women who can't afford costly health checkups
  • Online medical consultancy programme "Sawal Aapke Jawab Hamare" with experts and doctors
  • Continued all previous year programmes
  • Installation of the sanitary vending machine along with incinerator (At various schools)
  • MHM awareness campaign in 38 model schools in 38 districts of Bihar in partnership with UNICEF and BEPC under the programme "Mukhymantri Kishori Swasthya Yojna"
  • In collaboration with the DMI MHM awareness programme in Bhitharwa block of Champaran district
  • In collaboration with the airport authority of India, MHM awareness programme was organized in all slums of Patna
  • Continued all programmes of year 2017
  • Launched MH kit containing 12 Pkt pads, 2 Panties, 1 Personal towel, 1 Dettol ND 1 Booklet on MHM, to promote usage of sanitary pads, Rs. 300 provide to girls through Bihar Mukhyamantri Kishori Swasthya Yojana
  • Started Food venture "Hunger Project-Sai ki Rasoi"
  • Continued all programmes of year 2016
  • Swach Betiyaan Swach Samaj
  • Establishment of First-time sanitary pad bank
  • Regular awareness campaign on MHM under Swach Betiyaan swacch samaj
  • Opening of Sanitary pad bank in 6 districts of Bihar
  • Installation of the sanitary vending machine along with incinerator (JD women's college and Patna Junction)
  • Continued all programmes of year 2015
  • Continued all programmes of year 2014
  • Betiyaan Hamari Pehchan Hamara Samman Felicitation Programme
  • Continued all programmes of year 2013
  • Continued all programmes of year 2012
  • Sanitary Pad Distribution Programme with Red Cross Society
  • Eye checkup camp and Cataract operation
  • Basic Literacy Programme for Women and Girl child
  • Weekly Regular Health Clinic
  • Cancer Awareness Programme