Installation of Sanitary Pad Vending Machine at D.A.V B.S.E.B

Sanitary vending machine donated to DAV BSEB Rajvanshi Nagar by Mahila Sangh Bihar with support of NAV ASTITWA FOUNDATION.Many Many thanks to Mrs Laxmi Singh, Shubhra Sikha, Satya Singh ,madhubala mam,manisha mishra for this vending machine .It Will be very beneficial to girls in emergency situation of periods.our campaign #swachh#betiyan#swachh#samaj is trying to help all girls and women with awareness, affordability and availability of #sanitary pads through our #sanitary pad bank and#installing sanitary vending machine.we are also providing technical support and filling of pads to all machines.if you need any kind of support kindly contact us on 7979887079/9234291600.Thnx Madhulika Jha for your wonderful support .